Multi-Phase Audit


A multi-phase audit (MPA) is an approach that involves multiple rounds of audits, with each round being interlinked with the previous one. Each phase is one of the existing audit models, such as a traditional audit, a community-based audit, or a hybrid model, and we would call it a single-phase audit (SPA).

Although the term "multi-phase audit" is not widely used, several protocols have adopted a similar approach, with the first round being a traditional audit and the second being a community-based audit. (See an example here.)

While one might call a combination of several single-phase audits a multi-phase audit, we believe a multi-phase audit should be a structured approach where each phase is somehow connected.

There can be many ways to design a multi-phase audit model, and we propose the Diverge-Converge Multi-Phase Audit (DC MPA in short), a novel approach aimed at boosting the quality and efficiency of audits in the Web3 sphere.

You can read the original paper Diverge-Converge Multi-Phase Audit Model below.

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