Diverge-Converge MPA


A Diverge-Converge Multi-Phase Audit model (a.k.a DC MPA) is structured into four essential distinct phases: a traditional audit conducted by a lead (personal auditor or a team of auditors or an audit firm), a public epochal time-boxed bug bounty (PET bug bounty), an exclusive competition, and a final review. Additional phases can be added according to the protocol's preference.

It is worth noting that the new model differs from a simple combination of several single-phase audits. A unique feature of this model is how each phase is interlinked with incentives and disincentives, fostering a spirit of rigorous competition amongst auditors.

The name Diverge-Converge is inspired by the fact that the audit process starts from a single auditor (assuming the lead is a personal auditor) and diverges into a public bug bounty, then converges back to a small group of auditors and finally to a single auditor.

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