Maximize Quality and Efficiency

The Diverge-Converge Model emphasizes the following objectives:

  • Top-Tier Engagement: The model aims to engage top-tier auditors by incentivizing them with a fixed percentage of the reward pool. This engagement is crucial as it ensures the audit is conducted by auditors with relevant domain knowledge and experience.

  • Many Eyes: The model aims to involve many auditors in the audit process via the public bug bounty, increasing the chances of identifying vulnerabilities.

  • Optimized Participation: The model also aims to provide enough incentives for all participants and optimize auditors' participation. To maximize auditor incentives, the model aims to minimize the number of actually rewarded participants involved in each phase while achieving top-tier engagement and many eyes. This not only increases the rewards for auditors but also reduces the turnaround time of the audit.

  • Long-Term Engagement: The model aims to support establishing a long-term engagement between the client and the lead auditor by engaging the lead auditor in all phases. This long-term relationship benefits both parties, as the lead auditor better understands the protocol. At the same time, the client can leverage the auditor's expertise and experience in future audits.

  • Information Transfer: While the model implies a competitive spirit amongst auditors, it also enforces a spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing by facilitating the transfer of information from one phase to the next, ensuring that all relevant information is passed on to the next. The lead auditor MUST share the line-by-line comments and walkthrough explanation of the findings with the public auditors. The codebase is open to the public through the whole process, and findings are published as soon as they are identified in the first two phases.

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